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Ria the Hedgehog
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(PSST! This account is GrayHugh's also!)
Role playing:
-Sonic characters
-Ria, Rory (Ghost and child) and Speed

:iconsonicopeningplz: :iconsonicopeningplz: :iconsonicopeningplz: :iconsonicopeningplz: :iconsonicopeningplz: :iconsonicopeningplz: :iconsonicopeningplz: :iconsonicopeningplz:

HEYO! My name is Ria~ I'm here to make you cry whenever you get an injection by yours truly, Ria the doctor! Thanks to my admin, Gray, who's always changing my description, I kept waiting and waiting for the right info about me and here I have it! *Ahem* Here we go!

:bulletyellow:Real name:Ria the hedgehog

-25 (captured)
-26 to 30 (imprisoned over 5 years and escaped in the 5th year <--- she became Speed at this year)
-35 (accompanied by Shadow)
-36 to 41 (stayed at the Area Zone for 5 years)
-40+ (left for her home village)

:bulletyellow:Ria's Appearance:
-Yellow fur
-Peach skin
-Blue eyes
-Long spikes/hair with two leaf-like hair at the top and two separated bangs at the front
-Long lashes
-Four spines at her back
-R tribal birthmark at the four spines at her back
-Long nose (Like Sonic, shadow etc.)
-Blue boots
-Blue headband
-White gloves
Studies and sketches of Ria/Speed the hedgehog by RianRen

-Healing powers
-Medicine expert and maker
-Immortality (Due to drug side effects)
-Combat skills
-Photographic memory
-Purifying skills
-Purifying barrier
-Chaos pure (Using the power of the chaos emerald, the user gives out positive energy from the chaos emerald to purify all evil spirits, forces, energies that stands in the way)
-Sixth sense
-Cooking abilities

-Rory "Ace" the hedgehog (Deceased) (Younger brother) (8 yrs old)
-Trekker Pom (Surrogate father) (65 yrs old)
-Shadow (Love interest and Surrogate brother<--Cover)
-Deceased parents

-Special people, friends and family
-Mangoes, pineapples and pomelo (Mostly sour fruits too)
-Dark chocolate
-Singing (She's deaf tone ^^)
-Healing injured people
-Telling advice
-Shopping clothes and stuff (Though she doesn't wear much clothes)
-Cleaning and doing household chores

-Hurting people
-Negative energy

:bulletblue:Background: After the Ark incident 25 years ago, Ria was a doctor in an old village where she was well-known for her healing powers and techniques.
At the age of 25, she was captured by Dr. Eggman while she was looking for her brother at the forest. She was imprisoned at his lair as an experiment and as an assistant for 5 years. She escaped at the time she was drugged by Eggman that caused her to change to Speed.
Having no memories of her as Ria, she still has the good in her and secretly disobeyed Eggman's orders to frame Sonic... Etc. (Gray: FIND OUT MORE IN MY NEXT COMICS AFTER "Sonic in Comics"!)

- Playful

Ria the hedgehog Animated Icon by RianRenRia the hedgehog Animated Icon by RianRenRia the hedgehog Animated Icon by RianRenRia the hedgehog Animated Icon by RianRenRia the hedgehog Animated Icon by RianRenRia the hedgehog Animated Icon by RianRenRia the hedgehog Animated Icon by RianRenRia the hedgehog Animated Icon by RianRenRia the hedgehog Animated Icon by RianRen

Speed the hedgehog:
- Speed is the drugged side of Ria after being forced to swallow a drug made by Dr. Eggman.
She stayed in this form for 5 or 6 years after. She was imprisoned and experimented in Eggman's lair for 5 years after the disastrous event. Supposedly, her purpose was to frame Sonic by doing bad stuff. Etc. (Gray: LET'S FIND OUT IN THE STORY NOT HERE!)
She has the attitude of Sonic but more flirty, more cunning and more jerky. Try being kind and she'll repay you and be nicer... But she ain't easy to convince.

:bulletblue:Speed's Appearance:
-Blue fur
-Peach skin
-Long spikes/hair that goes up like Sonic's when transformed (Down for details ^^)
-Short lashes
-Two spines at the back
-One bang or spike at the front
-Blue locked vest with S yellow sign (Designed by Eggman)
-Blue matching baggy pants (Designed by Eggman)
-Red shoes with strapped gold buckles (Like Sonic's; Designed by Eggman)
-White gloves
-Long nose
Speed! by RianRen

:bulletyellow:Abilities and Side Effects:
Side Effects of drug
-Amnesia (She'll regain back all memories after changing back to original self)
-Immortality (She'll still have this effect even after changing)
-Super sonic speed (Matches Sonic's speed) (I'll still let Sonic win XDD)
-Transformation skills (Can transfrom to Sonic by running around in circles until her hair goes up) (Though she can transform into any forms, she doesn't want to transform to a super form)
-Tornado Whirlwind
-Spin dash
-Strategy skills
-Combat skills
-Riding skills
-Regenerative Healing Factor
-Time traveling (By breaking the sound barrier)
-Flirting skills (IT'S ONE TOO; though she does this to girls only)
-Hacking systems

-Amy (Current love interest)
-Silver (Ex-love interest)
-Kicking Eggman's butt for fun
-Fun and playing
-Being called no. 1
-Pranking others
-Hot dogs (No, she doesn't like chili dogs)
-showing off
-Saving the world with his friends
-Helping people
-Woods Zone (A forest zone)

-Shopping sprees with Amy (She bears with it)
-Amy being mad
-Not running
-No hot dogs
-Being defeated
-Admitting she lost
-Giving up
-Spoiled fun
-Staying in one place
-Losing someone/something she treasures or likes

:iconyouretooslowplz: :iconyouretooslowplz: :iconyouretooslowplz: :iconyouretooslowplz::iconyouretooslowplz: :iconyouretooslowplz: :iconyouretooslowplz: :iconyouretooslowplz:
:bulletblue: My CLOSEST FRIENDS~ :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Sonic's best friend~:iconsonar15:
:bulletblue: Sonic's close friend and rival~:iconvengefulpaul:
:bulletblue: Ria, Speed, Gray and Sonic's bruh~:iconsomedudefromearth:
:bulletblue: Sonic's nicest friend~ :iconsoniclover1442:
:bulletblue: Ria, Speed and Sonic's best bro!~:iconstrykeforce2005:

~ :bulletblue: Awesome gifts for me and Gray! Thanks guys! :bulletblue: ~
:Gift:Sonic winking icon by Sonar15 AT: Someone Called For Medics? by Sonar15 Hellooo!!!! by Saphira24667 [PC] RianRen by tooqt CM: Shadria Sonic Channel Wallpaper by shadowhatesomochao

~ :bulletblue: check out the awesome stamps I saw :bulletblue: ~

Sonic Team by TheStampKing Sonic Generations Stamp by Dbzbabe Sonic Colors Stamp by Dbzbabe +Sonic Rush Stamp+ by Fuzon-SSonic Riders by azianwolfdoll Sonic Heroes Stamp by Omegey Sonic Riders ZG Stamp by Fuzon-S +Sonic Rush Adventure Stamp+ by Fuzon-S Sonic 4 Stamp by LinkMasterXP Sonic the Hedgehog Stamp by StampPKU Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by StampPKU
Sonic and Knuckles stamp by 5-3-10-4 Sonic 3 stamp by 5-3-10-4Sonic 3 and Knuckles - Stamp by Xelo-TH Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Stamp by Kevfin


As well as my friend who draws for me :icongrayhugh: Thanks for support to show your Sonic artworks!
Okay. shadowhatesomochao's holding a contest AND IT'S ABOUT KAITO SHADOW!! KYAAAA!! Loves...

I cannot think of it any other way *faints* So.. How about it? Joining? Click the journal!!
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CE: These are powerful characters by RianRen
CE: These are powerful characters

I'm going to continue another drawing (FOR A LOVELY EVENT THAT'S COMING NEAR!!)
Wait for it to come, dears~ You'll do this too just fine~~~

Characters are (Specific order):
Keyara the hedgehog
Rage the lynx
Ruby Moon the hedgehog
Venom the lynx <-----------------Reminds me of Fubuki or Tornado from OPM (They're different, sisters specifically)

Characters belong to KeyaraHedgehog09
Art belongs to meh.
~Kaito Shadow~ by RianRen
~Kaito Shadow~
Hi guys!! (So unusual for me to say that though...)
Here's an entry for shadowhatesomochao's contest!!!…

Believe me, this drawing was made for one day due to excitement in drawing him because he's KAITO SHADOW.
For some who doesn't know who is KAITO SHADOW, basically, he's a crossover of Kaito Kid (Cased Closed/ Detective Conan :heart:) and Shadow the hedgehog. 
If you don't know Detective Conan yet, WATCH IT. READ IT. FAVE IT. WORTH IT.

Well, lemme give credits to shadowhatesomochao for making him SUPAH/ creating the crossover. I'm just part of the haystack who draws for the sake of fun.

DID YOU KNOW THAT MOUTH OF HIS IS TRICKY?! I mean, since he's Kaito Shadow, Kaito mostly grins while stealing yo money while Shadow grins when something amuses him (Although he would smile because he stole your cash too.) I had to put over white gel ink to cover the black ink that I stupidly colored. WHY BOTHER.

Anyways, thank you for your pleasant time with you, darlings~~
Art belongs to me so don't steal :heart:

P.S. Sonic, Ria and Kaito Kid are in the pic if you didn't notice them just in case.

'Ugly bats... Suck' by RianRen
'Ugly bats... Suck'
That scene where Saitama kills that li'l mosquito.... KNUCKLES' TURN!! One Punch Man - Saitama  (Happy)  V1 

Yes. Yes you do.

You guys already know who he's referring to so I won't say anything about it. 

Knuckles belongs to SEGA
Scene is based on O.P.M.
Drawing belongs to meh.

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